There are two companies under the Medic Corps. They are the Bio Company and the Rad Company.

The Bio Company specializes in neutralizing and containing biological warfare, as well as employing it's techniques against the New Republic. Biological warfare is best used to kill large amounts of personal units, rather than a building or a base. Founded by Commander Magma and Medic 1945 Smoke.

The Rad Company focuses on neutralizing nuclear threats, and using them when considered necessary to completely eliminate all life from a certain area. Usually only considered when a Black Ops site has been compromised, or when an enemy base proves worthy of such treatement. Founded by Commander Magma and Medic Atom.


First employed in the early years of the Galactic Civil War, the Medical Corps has always been a staple of the Imperial, and New Imperium Army. It was founded by Darth Vader and Medical Commander Magma, who vowed that his men would only be the best in their respective fields.

The Medical Corps have been prominent in almost every single battle of the first Galactic Civil War. They were stationed on the Death Stars, and were nearly wiped out after the destruction of the 2nd Death Star. Medical Commander Magma aggressively restocked their ranks, and since then, they've regained the ground they lost, and are on track for leaving behind a glorious legacy.

In only two instances have the Medical Corps employed the assets that their Squad Leaders produced. They have remained in consistent leadership ever since they were conceived.

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