Personal Background

Raised in a lower-middle-class family, Dominic was never privileged. He had to fight for everything that he wanted. His father was a Colonel in the Republic Navy. His mother was a Sub LT. Even with relations within the Republic Navy, Dominic never felt like he fit in. He always started fights, and had been shot by the time he was 16. When he was eligible, he became an enforcement officer on Naboo. He had to go undercover for an extended amount of time, and had an overall mission failure for it, making him do terrible things to infiltrate; only for it to fail due to a mistake by his peers. His parents shunned him, and when the Empire formed, they resumed their ranks gained from the Republic. He eventually got married to a human woman named Eliza Cohen after he met her reporting on his failed mission. They talked for quite a few months. After the Empire formed, Dominic felt pressured into joining the Empire but didn’t want to slaughter and murder. He decided to work his way up in rank, even with dismay from his wife. She didn’t feel like it was a good idea for him to join. After a few years, he finally achieved the rank of Medical Commander. He visited his parents one last time after they told him they were proud, and 4 days after he left, the 2nd Death Star was destroyed, with his parents in it. This led to fits of rage towards his men, and anyone who showed sympathy to the Rebel Alliance. Thus earning him the nickname “Magma”. He spends his free time with his wife, Eliza Peralta, on Naboo, and usually creates new documents and contingencies for the ISD Hive. He was commended by General Kennedy after the 2nd Battle of Umbara, when he was a medic colonel, thus earning him the Commander position.

Military Background

Law enforcement officer on Naboo gained the nickname Magma for his short fuse, and for his rage at the death of his parents. Fought in the following battles: Battle of Ilios 2, 2nd Battle of Umbara, Battle of Koran, Battle of Syckle

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