Personal Background

Devin was never subtle. Never. He loved hearing agony, from anything. It would only make sense that he'd aspire to lead the 991st Heavies. But even before that, he led a unit of Incinerator Troopers. They only had one job. Clean up. They'd execute whoever they were ordered to. No questions. So when Lord Vader requested that Devin lead his unit to Illak Nar on Ryloth for a special assignment, he was thrilled. As soon as they arrived, Devin's first order was for his men to round up the civilians in the main plaza. He systematically began the executions, making them slow and painful. Echoes of screams riverbed through his helmet. Charred faces were only reflections in his helmet to himself. People screaming, their bones bright white before corroding to black. One 5-year-old girl stood up on the Plaza and then bolted. Devin's unit started to move but Vader yelled for them to hold the position. "Devin, if you'd do the honor" The young girl was trapped as Devin's long strides led him to catch up to her. He never ran, only walked. He crouched in front of the girl and then whispered. "What is your name?" "F-Floria" the girl trembled. "Pretty name. Won't matter when I'm done." He set his flamethrower to the setting "Napalm". He shot one singular jet at her as she ran for the ocean, believing that it would extinguish her if she was burnt. The flame seared through her, exposing her bones. She screamed a blood-curdling wail of death and glanced at Devin one last time. He kicked her into the ocean. Writing in the deep. The once blue water was now stained red and black. The crabs and lobsters spectating in the water began to eat. An extremely large lobster crawled forth and killed everything that was feeding on Floria. It began to feed on its own. "That's me." chuckled Devin. "My new being." Even Vader was impressed by Devin's morbid apathy and curiosity with how living things respond to pain. He was abruptly offered a position in the 991st. "The Empire is Florida. The flame of the Rebel Alliance will eventually eat away at it. But I'll be here to burn back." Spends no time on leave, unknown what his actions are on the ship besides what he is ordered to do.

Military Background

Responsible for the destruction of the village Illak Nar on Ryloth, executed rebel commander Kahn, executed rebel colonel Orion. Fought in the following battles: 2nd Battle of Ryloth, Skirmish on Illios, Battle of Koran, Battle of Iraquin

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