Personal Background

Growing up on Corellia was a right of passage for any man. Death and famine were common, and criminals were aplenty there. Adrullan's father was a Mandalorian Warrior for the Aruta Clan before they were defeated. His father had no choice but to desert unless he wanted to die. As was Mandalorian culture.  This meant that Marius was well trained in the art of war even before he was chosen by Vader to lead a new unit of Marines. He quickly developed a hard shell for everyone in his life. He could care less. He had no aspirations. By the time Marius was 18, he had killed multiple people, all in the name of business or self-defense. He could've always pursued a career in bounty hunting, but he chose the Empire. Only a few months after he signed up, he was specially chosen for the Stormtrooper battalion. He was stationed at the first Death Star and was in command of the majority of the stormtroopers there. A day before the Death Star 1 was destroyed, Marius was sent to fight Rebel forces on Parjaa. They were rogue, and even the Alliance shunned them. Adrullan led his men well, but they were ambushed 15 minutes into their attack. One mortar shell wiped out 90% of his battalion, and only a few privates remained with him. They slowly advanced, and took their time fighting the Rebels. Marius was shot 15 times during combat that day, and at the end of the battle, he strangled the Rebel commander to death. Vader arrived shortly after the assault was finished, only to see a few blood-soaked privates and a Colonel that had been shot nearly everywhere on his body. General Kennedy made a speech praising Marius that day and announced "It takes a true soldier to accomplish what Adrullan did. An unvanquishable spirit to destroy the Rebel Alliance was required to defeat the forces on Parjaa, and that's what Adrullan had. He only has a soul for the Empire. Vader and I are enstating him as the commander of a new Marine regiment because it took real hatred and to overcome the daunting Alliance."

Military Background

Was previously a Stormtrooper Colonel. Was promoted to 396th Commander after the Battle of Parjaa. Fought in the following battles and operations: Operation: Quantum, Operation: Design, 2nd Battle of Correlia, Battle of Dantooine, Siege of the Koran Capitol.

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